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Precision Academy Makeup Courses: Level 3

If you are an advanced makeup artist or you want to begin a full career as a makeup artist, these classes are for you. Here those already learned in the world of makeup artistry advanced their existing skill or those who are interested in taking the leap into the makeup artistry industry can do it soon after completing these courses.

Special Efx


We go over basic special efx makeup artistry. Bruising, lacerations, burns, trauma, and undead zombification (I made up that word).  We discover how to attach prosthetics and the products used to design creatures and super heroes.

Becoming A Makeup Master


 I Wanna Be A Makeup Artist!  Makeup Course - Price: $695.00


Being a makeup artist is a very rewarding career. However, it is more than placing makeup on a face. There are technical strategies that will allow you to flourish as a makeup artist. You will learn much needed strategies if you plan to be successful in the makeup artistry industry.


  1. Types and Functions of Brushes/Keeping Your Brushes Clean

  2. Skin Type Specifics

  3. Step-by-Step Makeup Demonstration by Session Leader on a live model

  • Face Priming & Moisturizing

  • Foundation: Types / Blending

  • Color Theory: Warm vs Cool / Undertones

  • General Contouring/Shading

  • Highlighting

  • Setting Powder

  • Cheeks /Cheek bone structure

  • Brows and Brow bones

  • Eyebrows: Fill in / Color Balance / Shape

  • Eye Shadow: Blending

  • Eye Liner

  • Mascara

  • Lip Liner

  • Lip Color

  • Lip Gloss


Total 9 Hours

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